Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Oh, yes. I have a full schedule of reviews and giveaways to post, memes that I love to participate in and recipes to share. So, why have I been so quiet? Well, we were hit with a little thunder storm this past weekend... big enough to take out local power around town as well as affect a local transformer. This meant I was cut off from my blog.

I know, there are other options... I tried tethering to my droid with an app, but it was spotty at best. I am not a fan of posting from my phone, and I don't think it is great for posting reviews or giveaways, so I waited. It was painful. I can't lie.

So is the problem fixed? Not exactly. The power company is working on the transformer. Our internet provider is using a generator to keep the internet connection going, but will not be refueling said generator till morning. So, no burning the midnight oil. I sure hope it is fixed soon, but until then, I will be trying to get posted what I can.

I have some great reviews, giveaways as well as Blogmania Spotlights to post here shortly. Stay tuned! ...and don't every take your internet for granted.
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