Monday, April 18, 2011

Mamavation Monday ... Bring on the Food!

Okay, we are here ready to begin week 3! Be sure to check out my last post on I post my scale pic and updates on Wednesdays. You can also check out my complete week's meals and activities on bookieboo This is a lifestyle change, not a diet! The food is fresh, real and delicious. For a peek into my eating check this out:

These are grilled stuffed burritos from InspiredRD's site

 Also her Salsa Chicken over whole wheat penne pasta.

For snacking we picked up a big jug of Orville Redenbacher popcorn and a popcorn popper at Costco

...and this is my absolute favorite honey-oat- whole-wheat loaf. This is a great recipe that makes 3 fabulous loaves. One to eat, one to freeze, and one to share with someone else. This time I threw in a handful of flax seed in addition to the ground flax meal.

I have been loving this for my sandwiches.

See... even a girl on 1400 calories can eat well. I wouldn't really call this a "diet" as much as a change in eating habits. I am learning more about portion sizes and balanced meals.

Do you have a favorite healthy meal? I would love new ideas.

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