Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wilton Decorating Basics Finals!!

My first Wilton class has come to an end and I am excited to share my two final projects. Yes, I said two. As a busy Mom I had to sign up for two different nights to be able to make all of the classes. Between my son's illness and our crazy schedules it all worked out!

For my first class I made a cake special for baby girl:

It was a Boston Cream Cake with a homemade pasty cream filling and a chocolate frosting. The cake itself was dark blue (as close to navy as I could get... a mix of black, royal blue and lavender) Why a "navy" blue cake? Well, I was inspired by a favorite outfit my daughter has with big white flowers and lavender polka dots.

I was pleased how it turned out. I was the only person in the class not decorating a white cake. I guess I am always a rebel!

For the next class I decorated a cake for my son. I made the mistake of asking my 3 year old what he wanted on his cake. Well, a forklift, backhoe, dinosaurs, flowers and Super Why. I am sure his list could have gone on and on, but I went with a Super Why theme. Both of my children enjoy this show on PBS. This was going to be a bigger challenge and I had two very picky critics.

This time I went for a modified box cake, Duncan Hines vanilla, made lower protein by cutting out 2 eggs and substituting apple sauce. I filled it with a banana curd and made a vanilla buttercream frosting for the cake. I used piping gel to trace and transfer my design to the cake and then went about decorating it.

...and yes, my son asked for the flowers. He didn't want his sister to have all the flowers on her cake. He was thrilled.

"Did you get Super Why's boots, Mommy?" "Did you get his book?" "Did you put flowers on top of my cake?"  Yes, I assured him I had decorated the cake to his specifications. "Good job Mommy!"

Class is out and I am thrilled with what I have learned so far about cake decorating. Next week starts the 2nd class with Flowers and royal icing. Wish me luck!
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