Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why the Silence?

This past month has been crazy, stressful and frustrating for me. I just finished up the campaign as a Mamavation Mom and now I am trying to find a new routine for our life. No longer am I required to do nightly food journals and other posts & tweets, but I am trying not to backslide in my weight loss. Stay tuned, on Monday I will be posting my new workout plans, goals and menu to take me farther along this journey.

One of my other issues lately has been technology. My hard drive crashed, taking with it many files and photos that hadn't been backed up. Add to this the Blogger outtage and a mishap with my FlipCam... no idea which child smashed my new toy... and I have been frustrated with all things digital. I am working my way back to daily posting with reviews, giveaways and many fabulous recipes to share.

As for my family? Well, I am struggling with managing my 21 month old's PKU. She has been refusing to eat for the past month. As part of her dietary therapy she has a "medical beverage" for most of her nutrition. The problem is, it doesn't give her fiber or protein. Her blood levels are taken weekly and she has been dangerously low going on 5 weeks now. This is a big source of stress in my life. Yes, toddlers are picky, but this is becoming a big problem for her overall mental health. I hope this issue resolves itself, but I would appreciate people keeping her in their thoughts or prayer list.

The truth is I am ready to be back to normal. I will get there, but it will take a bit of work. I hope my blog will continue to grow from here and be back at the traffic level it had just a month or two ago.
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