Thursday, June 16, 2011

Seriously? How much can one SAHM take?

I feel safe enough to close my day with ... 11 minutes remaining for Wednesday.

It was one of those days that made me wonder about being a SAHM. Ever have one of those days? Okay, I won't say the kids were necessarily bad, but all the cards were stacked up against me.

All morning I seemed to be moving slow, the kids were cranky and I was a bit behind, but we were managing. No different than most days. After lunch I noticed my daughter's nose had started running. (Oh, no! She is getting sick.) I put her down for her nap and she continued screaming... Okay, I can deal with this.

My son went upstairs for quiet time and I offered him a bribe. If he went to sleep (which rarely happens) he could get a "super-special-dessert". I just had to try. I read him the usual quiet time rules, be quiet, stay upstairs, let me know if you need anything and don't wake up your sister. I know, she was still screaming from the other room, so that wasn't really an issue.

All was relatively quiet for about an hour... so I decided to take a peek. Any SAHM worth her salt knows that "quiet" means one of two things, either the children are asleep or they are getting in trouble. Mine spend most of their time doing the latter. By the time I reached the top of the stairs I knew I was in trouble! There was a smear of poo on the wall. (WHAT??!!!) As I walked into the playroom I spotted large smears on the wall, smears on the carpet and no boy. (Oh, no!!)

He was fast asleep in his tent, covered in poo.

Okay, does anyone remember my "Poo-casso" post over a year ago? Filled with the gory photos? Well, this wasn't quite as bad, but I was still beside myself.  I cleaned up the boy and what I could from the walls and carpet. My husband would be on carpet cleaning duty that evening. I knew he would be less than excited.

Of course my daughter was still crying, so I rescued my sick baby, and tried to get dinner together before my DH came home. What a great home-coming, right?

At this point, this SAHM was exhausted and a little defeated. But, what could I do? With my DH in tow lugging the carpet cleaner, I put my daughter in my bedroom... I didn't want her trekking through the dirty playroom, while I pointed out the spots for my DH to clean. While I was gone my daughter decided to take off her pull-up and pee on my side of the bed. (I mean, REALLY?)

After stripping and changing sheets, I grabbed my daughter and went outside to moderate some dog and  chicken issues. Unfortunately the little hens decided my garden looked super tasty! I had to shoo them out and put my little girl down. I did successfully get all the hens in, but returned to find that my daughter had dumped the dog water all over herself. ... yeah, could my day get worse?

So... as I typed the minutes have past and I am happy to say that Wednesday is now over... I survived. I have no idea what Thursday has in store for me, but really, can it be this bad?  Better set out some aspirin and my extra large coffee mug just in case.
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