Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Verizon FiOS Keeps Up With Us

Okay, how often do you sit down? Our lives are a whir of dates, appointments, potty-training dashes and committments. Sound familiar?

Since becoming a Mom I have relied more heavily on my Smart Phone and internet to do even the simplest of things. So when I am asked if I have seen a recent movie, well.. I just have to laugh. Who sits down these days? I recently heard about Verizon FiOS, and here is what appeals to me about this service.

To keep up with my busy life-style I need a reliable and fast internet connection, both at home and while on the go. Why? Because my children demand it and we can't just wait around for a video to buffer. FiOS Internet is, "Internet as fast as it gets". That means a lot when we are waiting in a restaurant for our food or in the doctor's waiting room. My children are much more manageable when they  can watch their favorite shows or song clips while they wait. Some times I rely on our mobile phone connection for my sanity.

And while at home? Well, every night we listen and watch our favorite songs on my husband's phone. With cranky toddlers we have a mutiny if the apps are not loading fast enough. My children want their favorite songs, and they want them on demand!

And what about TV on Demand? I don't care how well my day goes, things always unravel by mid-afternoon. Between dinner, baths and bedtime, I miss out on all the best shows! TV on Demand allows me to keep up with current TV trends on my own timeline. I can bring prime time into my living room in the wee hours of the night, or during a stolen naptime moment. Moms have to be flexible, but shouldn't our TV service be able to keep up?

Speaking of demand, Verizon has advanced fiber optic technology that makes it more durable and less affected by bad weather. This technology allows for less interruptions, pixelation and disappointment for HDTV viewers. I know we have missed out on several family entertainment nights in the past year due to storms affecting our reception. Here in the valley we get more than our share of heavy rains. Nothing is better on a rainy day than being able to snuggle down with a good movie or show.

So do we have Verizon FiOS in our house right now? No, we don't. But with all these fabulous features, perfect to keep up with our demanding and busy lives, I think we should look into it. I want to know, do any of you currently have Verizon FiOS? What do you think of it?
About Verizon FiOS
Modern consumers enjoy the ultimate digital lifestyle at work, home and play with Verizon FiOS advanced and integrated TV and broadband services.  The speed and intelligence of the nation’s largest all-fiber-optic network lets FiOS customers create personalized, integrated entertainment and information experiences that connect them to everything they care about -- anytime, anywhere, on a multitude of devices.  FiOS helps make life easier, more productive and more fun. 
*Disclaimer - I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Verizon FiOS blogging program for a gift card. For more information on how you can participate, click here.
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