Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mamavation Monday - Working for Green

This week brought out more goodies from the garden. What have you been eating? I was so happy to finally add some eggplant and fava beans to our table. 

This year I grew a Japanese variety of eggplant that is small, thin and tender. I sauteed it up for my pasta sauce and even my kids loved it. I love that eggplant is so versatile! Roast it for a dip, bake with tomato sauce and other veggies for a ratatouille, or throw in a Japanese style curry or stir fry.

As for the Fava beans? They are a bit of work to shell, boil and squeeze out of the pod, but they were delightfully creamy. I thought they were similar to fresh peas in flavor, but cannelini beans in texture. I recommend trying them if you can snag up some pods at a local farm.

Besides the green thumb workout, I was excited to keep my Gruve on green! My current green goal is almost a whopping 900 calories a day in activity,  but I did it. I am really proud of this.

I just finished the Hotter than Hades virtual marathon, and sent in my log sheet. That was a fun challenge!  But the Burpee challenge from Pamela Kramer on bookieboo is still going strong. It will finish on my son's 4th birthday. One thing I have noticed is no matter how many of them I am doing, the final 3 or 4 are just killer. So, hopefully as I keep adding more, I will keep getting stronger and improving my stamina. Those burpees get me awful sweaty!! Follow on twitter with #100DayBurpeeChallenge

So, how did the scale treat me this week? ----Come back Monday for my scale pic posting! :)

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Question: What qualities do you look for in a healthy breakfast? Any go-to breakfast recommendations for a busy mom?

I am looking for something healthy, filling, inexpensive and easy to make. That is a tall order! Honestly, oatmeal... whether old fashioned or steel cut always fits those standards. I love adding a little almond butter and either sliced banana or cranberries in it for a complete and delicious breakfast.

*Disclaimer - This post is sponsored by Quaker Oats and I’m writing this to be entered into a giveaway hosted by Mamavation and sponsored by Quaker Oats.
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