Friday, September 30, 2011

Perfectly Crazy, by Mitzi Penzes - Book #Review

What can go wrong from just one kiss?

Well, everything!

I had a chance to review Perfectly Crazy by Mitzi Penzes this past month. I was intrigued by the summary of the story and couldn't wait to dig right in.

The main character, Nell, has everything. She is stylish, successful and sensible, a perfect life from the outside. She even has a seemingly successful marriage, but a simple kiss throws that all up in the air.

She knows she shouldn't be falling in love with her long-term friend. He is married and his wife is pregnant, but love can make people "perfectly crazy" sometimes.

The themes explored are heavy, but the story is not. The action is fast-paced and reading it my mind kept going in one direction and another as the plot thickened and the author, Mitzi Penzes, took us around plot twist and turns.

Yes, as a read it was a wild ride. Bumpy, and windy but I held on with both hands till the end. I am not sure I would have survived a longer book. White-knuckled, I might not have withstood the suspense to see where all the characters ended up.

The book shows that after a life altering kiss, how can life ever keep going as before? Infedelity, death and love have a way of turning life upside down.

My only complaint is the characters didn't have as much dialogue with each other as long speeches. I am not sure those were anything that would come up between my husband and I or even with friends. I would have liked to see more interaction.

 Overall I enjoy this quick and gripping read. It was definitely a different perspective on some weighty life issues.

The Author behind the book:

Mitzi Penzes grew up in Hungary, where she trained and practiced as a neurologist. She has lived in the US for the last twenty-five years, where she pursued a career in lab management before becoming an entrepreneur. She lives with her son, husband, and cat in Napa, California.

You can visit her website at

*Disclaimer - I received a digital copy of this book for review purposes as part of Parent Reviewers. All opinions are my own.
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