Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Simple Cookie Decorating Trick! -Simple & Cute

Are you ready to put your best cookie sheet forward this Halloween?

I love decorated cookies, but need more practice to get that steady hand royal icing look down perfectly. This year I was inspired to find a shortcut and wanted to share. This is super simple and just takes your favorite icing recipe, a cookie, sprinkles of your choice and a small cookie cutter or handmade stencil.

I put a Tbsp. of meringue powder into my basic butter cream icing so it will set up hard. But, that is personal preference...

Grab your cookies, I used a soft sugar cookie recipe that makes about a dozen. I should be posting that recipe shortly since it is one of my favorites. It reminds me of those horribly addicting supermarket cookies frosted to fit whatever holiday is even remotely close. Homemade are definitely way better.

I mixed a bit of leaf green and moss green into my butter cream for a rather ghoulish green. While the frosting is still fresh grab a small fondant cookie cutter (I used Wilton's Fall set), or you can even create your own stencil. Place it on the cookie.

Grab your favorite sprinkles or nonpareils and put them inside your cookie cutter. Just be sure not to get them outside the lines. Tap your cookie to get all those little colored sprinkles into the corners for a clearer shape.

Grab those stray sprinkles with a toothpick if you want. I wasn't too worried. As the frosting hardens a little the sprinkles will be set.

I love how easy and fast these are to make. So, don't be intimidated by decorating the perfect cookies. Enjoy!

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