Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finally, the LEGO Birthday!

  My son turned 4!!

I am just trying to figure out how this happend so fast!??

There is something that hit me, for a while now I haven't thought of him as a baby, but now I don't think toddler fits either. I guess I have a little boy.

We threw his birthday part at a local bouncy castle place. With a party room, art stations and lots of great bouncy fun it was a hit for this active little guy.

Now that he is old enough to handle the small parts and enough patience to see a project through to completion, he is obsessed with his LEGOs. I know, they are pretty fun! So, it was easy to decide on a LEGO themed party.

Let me tell you, it is easy enough to find Star Wars LEGO themed party  supplies, or DUPLO Farm banners and balloons, but a plain old LEGO party? Well, the birthday items come at a pretty high price on ebay and amazon. I found cookie cutters and a cake mold, but it really takes a bit of creativity to pull off.

Here was our sugar spread. There actually was another table with fresh fruit and vegetables, but I really wanted to document the sugar work.

I loved the cookie pops and will use that idea again next year. I mean, put a stick on something and kids just naturally flock to it!

Armed with Paula Deen's Sugar Cookie recipe, some Popsicle sticks and a bunch of royal icing, I made a little army of LEGO man heads. I wasn't sure till the last minute how to display them, but my practical DH took a 2x6 and drilled holes that fit my pops, then covered it in aluminum foil. It worked perfectly.

The cake was a double layer with Marionberry jam filling and a cake lego man on top. All was wrapped in marshmallow fondant and detailed with royal icing.

I adore how the fondant alphabet cutters worked for the name. I really don't enjoy freehand with buttercream icing.

I went with a marshmallow fondant because I prefer the taste, but also used the premade Wilton colored fondant since I knew I didn't have a lot of extra time. The colors are nice and rich, which can be hard to get with the gel colors.

I made two blocks, also from cake frosted and covered with fondant. I found the mini rectangle cake pan and thought it would be perfect to cut down or leave as a long block on top of the cake.

It ended up being a pretty tall cake, but was impressive enough for my 4 year old! He is becoming quite the cake critic!

I was the happiest with how the little LEGO men cookies came out. They were fun and unique. This is one cookie cutter set I will be using again and again.

Whew! So glad that birthdays only come once a year. The next cake challenge will be for my husband. His birthday falls the day after Christmas, so it has to be a good one!
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