Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Favorite Tater Updated! Mr. Potato Head is better than ever.

Mr. Potato head is a classic I love from my childhood. Think you have seen it all? Well, there have been some great changes making this a great and affordable edition to any toddler's Christmas list.

I was excited to get my son his first Mr. Potato head when he turned 2. We had afternoons filled with giggles and making silly faces courtesy of this fun mix-n-match face toy. Of course, Toy Story brought the beloved toy back into the mainstream and the toy has been more popular than ever.

But, there have been a few improvements in the lovable spud recently. Just 3 years ago we purchased a few regular Mr. Potato Heads, A Santa Spud and a whole kit of accessories to have a little fun with our originals.

Yesterday we received the newer, slimmer and more active version of Mr. Potato Head. I opened it up for the kids to check out and was thrilled with the subtle changes.

On the left is our original, and on the right is the new updated version. So, what are the differences? First the hat, mouth and feet have changed. Now Mr. Potato head has pants, not just feet or shoes.

Turn the spud around and you will notice more holes, more choices and possibilities to create! I love that I can use the back hatch can serve as a "chomping" mouth. My daughter found this hilarious.

This also gives us the chance to make faces on both the front and the back at the same time. Especially for a toddler, more choices and options for creativity are always better.

The other big change is that all the pieces fit into the back! Finally, a great way to keep the parts together.

The arms are shorter and can hold onto spare parts. The hate is slimmer, also allowing it to fit easily inside the toy. The parts are all compatible with older toy versions, so don't worry about the parts getting mixed up.

My only disappointment was how nondescript the mouth is now, but with all the additional kits you can buy for Mr. Potato head, I hope they add the classic mouth back in. This new mouth design does allow for some new alternative uses, like this cyclops.

Okay, so what do you think of the changes to this classic toy? I was pleasantly surprised and my kids had a lot of fun making silly faces with them.

*Disclaimer - I won this toy in a giveaway. I received no compensation and was under no obligation to post a review, positive or otherwise. All opinions are my own.
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