Thursday, November 3, 2011

Preparing for our LEGO party... (Day 1)

Okay, it never fails that if I am busy things will go wrong. With two kiddos feeling under the weather I am attempting to still proceed with party preparations. My son will be turning 4 and wanted a LEGO themed birthday.

At least my soon-to-be birthday boy is still smiling through all the sniffles!

Okay, so think LEGO. I have been collecting things to use for weeks. I don't have to do any party decorations (whew!) so, I am only responsible for the edible part of the party. This year with the sick kids and busy week I don't think I could have handled any more. As it is I decided to not make the LEGO head cake pops.

The baking pans, pans and cookie cutters all came either locally from our Michaels or Amazon. It took me a while to plan out what I will be doing.

I was lucky to find a great tutorial on decorating your own sugar cookies as well as making a LEGO man head cookie cutter on Sweet Sugar Belle. I will be using those as my cookie pops, and will leave the LEGO men cookies as regular cookies.

I love being creative and starting out with some sketches and design ideas usually puts me in the mood to be artistic.

I am using some of my son's figures as guides for the facial designs. I love how diverse the expressions are.

The LEGO men are baked and once they cool I will start decorating. I will share the next parts with you tomorrow. I have a lot of boring prep work to do in the meantime.

Today I need to:
  • Finish baking the cookie pops
  • Make royal icing, thick and fill icing
  • Outline the cookies
  • Measure out dry cake ingredients for tomorrow
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