Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cepia LLC's 12 Days of "hottest" holiday toys - Zhu-Fari

We have several of Cepia LLC's toys in our home, ZhuZhu Pets, Xia Xias, etc. As part of a promotion I will be bringing you 12 days filled with their "hottest" toys.

Some of these toys are on my wish-list, too!

Affordable, small and adorable, these would make great gifts or stocking stuffers for the child in your life. So, shall we get started? Today I want to spotlight today's featured toy:

New Jungle-Themed ZhuZhu Pets®: ZHU-FARI™!

New to Zhu: Zhu-Fari™ jungle-themed ZhuZhu Pets® are a gift that both boys and girls will love! Adorable characters that range from zebras to elephants, Zhu-Fari characters have their own names, birthmarks, birthdays, and special collector's codes. Zhu-Fari animals scurry unpredictably around while making jungle-themed noises. Zhu-Fari's the perfect holiday gift that will keep the little ones entertained for hours!

Meet The Zhu-Fari Crew:
  • Baako: The brash and daring zebra with a thundercloud symbol.
  • Zuri: The pretty pink leopard with a knack for tracking. She knows the ways of Zhu-Fari like the back of her paw, which is why paw prints are her symbol
  • Wharton: The adorable elephant, whose clumsy behavior makes him all the more loveable
Check out all the Zhu-Fari fun and see all their current products and accessories on their product page:

Similar to the ZhuZhu Pets that my children already love, these cuties are of the wild variety. I have these on the wish-list for my daughter this year. I know she would love them.

*Disclaimer - This post was written as part of a Mom Select blogging contest entry for a Cepia LLC toy. All opinions are my own.
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