Friday, December 9, 2011

Cepia LLC's 12 Days of "hottest" holiday toys - ZhuZhu Puppies

Yes, we do have many different toys from Cepia LLC, but today's toy highlight is another one we have yet to add to the collection. Today is day 2 of the  12 days filled with their "hottest" toys.

These really are adorable!

Affordable, small and adorable, these would also make great gifts or stocking stuffers for the child in your life. So, shall we get started? Today I want to spotlight today's featured toy:

ZhuZhu Puppies™ 

They make silly puppy sounds, move unpredictably around, and come in a variety of breeds like a Husky, Shih Tzu, Yorkie, Dalmatian, Maltese and more!
ZhuZhu Puppies are a part of the ZhuZhu Pets® family, and each has their own name, symbol, birthmark, and special collector's code. Plus they have the same affordable price as ZhuZhu Pets: ZhuZhu Puppies are just $9.99!  

Meet the Newest Additions to the ZhuZhu Puppies Pack:
Three new ZhuZhu Puppies characters have joined the Zhu-niverse™. These new puppy pals come in adorable new breeds and fun COLORS!

  • Star: Star is quite the show dog. Always maintaining her pink appearance, she hopes of one day winning the Zhu-niverse™ Kennel Club, but for now sticks to dominating local dog shows
  • Lilac: A purple cutie, Lilac enjoys making other pup's dreams come true, which is why her symbol is a wishing well
  •  Legend: The puppy pack's leader, Legend is determined to help other pups be the best they can be. True to his name, Legend is known throughout the Zhu-niverse for having a big heart, which is why a heart-shaped paw print is his symbol!

To learn more about ZhuZhu Puppies, click HERE!

*Disclaimer - This post is an entry into a Cepia LLC blogging contest as part of MomSelect. All opinions are my own.
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