Monday, December 12, 2011

#Mamavation Monday - You Gotta Move It, Move It.

Hello ladies.

Have you missed me? I took a few weeks off focus on my family and myself. Monday nights have become really hard to sneak away for Mamavation TV. Though I would love to chat with you guys, I need (especially this time of year) to spend more time with my family. After dinner, PST, that is our family time and we have found some great new activities to keep us moving.

Okay, anyone else have an XBox Kinect? I was quite smitten last year with our Wii for the movement games, dancing and workout programs. I feel my loyalty jumped once we started playing XBox. I have two toddlers and not having a remote was easy for them to adjust to. With hand motions and voice commands the systema and games don't have any buttons to hold down or confusing actions. Oh, yes. I love it.

We purchased both the system and games ourselves (not sponsored), and I wanted to share some great last minute Christmas gift inspired recommendations.

Our Favorites List:

WipeOut - In The Zone  (Yes, after the ABC Show by the same name) This game is brutal! Of course my 4-year-old loves the fact he falls into the pool, wipes-out and can watch it all in replays!  This game requires you to run, jump, duck, etc. and the sensor watches your movements.

Just Dance Kids 2 - I will be getting my Just Dance 3 shortly and we can now create our own music videos and create a dance playlist. We dance to a lot of Wiggles and old classics.

Kinect Adventures - This one came with our Kinect bundle, but has a great obstacle course and rafting section that requires a lot of movement to steer and stay standing.

So why am I singing the praises of my new XBox games? Well, this is how I get my family moving this time of year. Though we still adore our ski trips on the weekends and walks with the double stroller, it is soggy and cold here in Oregon! Some nights it is nice to get our sweat on inside.

When I saw this week's theme of Getting Our Loved Ones Moving, I knew I wanted to share our XBox adventures. I don't allow non-movement games in the home because my children are 4 and under. It is not an alternative for being active outside, but a tool to deal with our region's Fall and Winter weather.

On the weekend we are still livin' it up! In fact, we just got my son his first set of downhill skis and he is so excited. My daughter will start out on the cross country set this year and I am so excited to have the whole family skiing.

This past weekend we went hunting for our Christmas tree. We always go up into the mountains to cut our own. Even my kids love an excuse to play in the snow. We are still waiting for some fresh powder. The ski resorts don't have as much powder as they need, so we are still hoping for a "White Christmas".


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How does your family support your weight loss efforts?
 I have to say that my husband has always been supportive of my weight loss efforts. He has never had an issue with his weight, but will happily eat anything I put in front of him, help me out with new gadgets and supports my attempts at new activities and exercise trends. We all eat differently because of my children's metabolic condition, but we do try to stay active together and that support is priceless!
Extended family gets a bit messier. Everyone is on their own diet or eating trend and it has become increasingly difficult to break bread together. Hopefully activities will become more of a focus this holiday than the food. 
Do any of you gals deal with multiple diet restrictions successfully? We have a PKU diet, vegan, South Beach, Nutrisystem, Whole Food and tradition "Meat & Potatoes" kinda family. :)
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