Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Home Christmas Morning

This year the goal was to make and give more. Thanks to the RAZ program we were able to do just that. We cut back on the number of gifts for each child, but at times it was hard!

With a few big items the kids were thrilled with Santa's generosity.

My daughter had some fun items. She got her own Fur Real Kitty ... which is because our cat does not want to be petted by a grabby 2-year old.

She also got the Lalaloopsy school bus, an Olivia set and some Zhu Zhu fun. The biggest hit was a princess tent and dress up sets. She just loves dressing up like a princess.

My son is at a really fun age! There are more toy options for 4-year olds since you don't have to fear all the small parts and they have better dexterity for play. From Legos to Bruder trucks...


He was over joyed that his "Bop" got him a combine. This little boy had asked for a combine and a large crane for months straight. Mom & Dad made him wait till the evening of Christmas Day to unwrap the giant Bruder crane. It was well worth the wait! Can you tell his is a little farm boy?

The other surprise was a LeapPad. Okay, I was really excited about this one. I knew he would love a digital camera, but getting the LeapPad rolled all of his digital toys into one item. (So much easier to keep track of than an e-reader, game and digital camera!) It also allows us to hand-down the other digital toys.

We got him the LeapPad case which is always a good investment to keep the games and extra stylus together.

I will have to write more about this toy because there is just so much to say. We are still finding new things we love about it.

Don't worry, the kids didn't have all the fun. We got my husband a Kindle for Christmas and then Xbox goodies for his birthday the following day.

And myself? Well, you will get to hear all about my Christmas goodies in the coming months. Everything was either for me to be healthy and active this next year, or for baking in the kitchen. So many great bread baking accessories and recipe books and there will be many baking sessions to blog and share.

I hope you family had a great holiday, and you can recover from all the merriment and mountains of packaging!
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