Thursday, January 26, 2012

#Esurance on Facebook - Resources for Busy Moms

Car insurance is one of those necessities in life. We might not like it, we definitely want the best rates, but the process isn't always enjoyable. Are you looking for an easy way to get a quote?

Well, Esurance would like to help you make the insurance process easier. From quote to claim they offer 24-hour service to save busy Moms time and money.

Esurance is making things easier through their Facebook page. Seeing that so many Moms today are on Facebook and probably even use it throughout their busy day via their phone, this is a genius way to reach out to customers new and old.

By liking their page you can share your stories and ask questions in a community setting with other customers and fans. They allow an open dialogue with the public. Social media allows them to stay connected with their customers' likes, needs and wishes for car insurance. Esurance has added a Wall Etiquette section to describe how to use this community and welcomes negative comments along with the postive, as long as they are respectful and contributing to the community.

On their wall you can get quick answers from customer service and hear what others are saying. So why not hook up and join in on the conversation?

Also they offer Esurance's Free Facebook Quote App. If you are like me, you probably have Facebook on your smartphone which makes this app available anywhere. So if you are in the market for a new car, or if you hear about a great car insurance deal over coffee... why not check into this app? Gone are the days of stopping by an office or being put on hold on the phone. Yes, Esurance has an app for that.

We have been in the market for a minivan for our family and as we talk about which would be the best fit for our needs I will be taking a peak at the Esurance app to see how the different vans stack up for insurance premiums.

The best part? I love the fact there is no pressure from an app. So, why not take a peak?

I am encouraged that Esurance is looking to be "Insurance for the Modern World" by embracing social media. Their goal of transparency is beneficial for all consumers and I hope more companies will follow their lead.

If you are on Facebook, be sure to head over to the Esurance page to see what is going on. If you enjoy what you see, be sure to share with your friends. I bet you know a few people who might enjoy a free quote or who might be able to add to the Esurance community conversations.

About Esurance
With a wealth of easy-to-use online tools as well as 24/7 expert service, Esurance is making car insurance smarter from quote to claim. Everything we do is done with the goal of saving you time, hassle, hair-tearing-out, and oh yes, money too. Use the Esurance Coverage Counselor® to help you figure out the exact coverage limits you need. File a claim (and send pics of the accident) from your mobile phone. Call anytime — and by that we mean anytime — to talk to a friendly expert about discounts. Do what you need to do, when you need to do it. And do it with ease. That's what Esurance is all about.

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