Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Gutsy Cooks Club - Milk Bundt Cake

I'm late... oh, so late.

I was so excited to make the Milk Bundt Cake for the Gutsy Cooks Club, and then spaced posting my sweet success. So, late, but here it is.

January is all about a Healthy Start. All the recipes listed looked so good, but when I saw the word "bundt", I was all over that.

Bundt cakes are simple. They are everyday "go-to" cakes. Not smothered in frosting or dripping in chocolate (though some are!), they are just a bit of sweet for the end of the day.

This Milk Bundt Cake is from Cook Republic. It is pretty straight forward.

Simply dusted with a bit of powdered sugar it was delightful.

My only comment is to make sure if you are using regular sugar, since it calls for castor sugar, be sure to pulse and stir to get all the crystals small enough. The finer the sugar, the denser the cake.


So, head over to Cook Republic to see the recipe.
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