Friday, January 13, 2012

Snacking with Snyder's of Hanover #Snyders

I love snacks!!

Just right for family get-togethers or Super Bowl Parties alike, snacks in all their salty, sweet or crunchy goodness are there to keep our guest happy and satisfied.

Of course the dark side of snacking is the fat, oils and calories hidden in those dips, chips or bite-sized treats. Luckily, there are some great options that are lower in fat than others. Can I get a shout out for pretzels?

My kids love their fun shapes, taste and small size. I love that the satisfy my love of crunchy and salty snacks. But a simple pretzel can easily be dressed up to move beyond the bowl and into the spotlight at your next party.
Do you have a favorite Snyder's of Hanover pretzel? Whether you enjoy their Butter Snaps, Sourdough Hard, or my favorite, the Dipping Sticks, there is something for everyone to enjoy munching on.

The Dipping Stix are the ultimate pretzel in my mind because they are perfect to dip into my favorite warm dips at a party. For birthdays I always bring out my mini-crock pot for Spinach Artichoke Dip or my husband's favorite "Dirt" dip. Add a bowl of pretzel dips alongside and everyone can dive into their favorite.

So, Snyder's and Social Mom's asked Bloggers to come up with some fun new snack ideas with their pretzels. I was excited to answer that challenge. My treat has my two picky-eating toddlers in mind. I would use my Dipping Sticks to make a Frozen Dipped Banana Pop!

Frozen Dipped Banana Pops
You will need:
1 Banana
6 Snyder's of Hanover Dipping Stix
Nut Butter of your choice or Greek yogurt
Dried fruit, chopped (I like dried apricot, pineapple or craisins)
Mini Chocolate Chips
Colored Sprinkles *optional
Waxed Paper

1. Cut the banana into 6 equal slices. Of course, you can make these treats as big or small as you like. This treat is for toddler sizes.

2. Put one Snyder's of Hanover Dipping Stix into the bottom of each banana slice.

3. Either dip or smear the nut butter or yogurt on the banana. Sprinkle with chopped dried fruit, mini chocolate chips or colored sprinkles.

4. Place the pop on the waxed paper and freeze for at least 1 hour before serving.

Give these cool treats to your guests as an alternative to ice cream or sweet treats. They are naturally sweet and it is a fun way to sneak in a bit of fruit and protein as well.

Looking for other snacking ideas? Here are my top party snack tips.
  • Replace sour cream with Greek yogurt for more protein and less fat in dips.
  • Make things in individual serving sizes. Mini crustless quiche or mini sandwiches are fun. This also helps with portion sizes and will stretch your snacks farther.
  • Put veggie dip in a clear cup with your cut veggies to prevent messes and keep friends from hovering over the dip.
  • Offer baked chips, nuggets, oven roasted fry options or air popped popcorn to cut down on fat and allow for less guilty munching.
  • Have healthy options handy and plentiful. A big fruit and veggie platter with a high protein dip like hummus instead of other fattening alternatives will make good choices easier.

I hope you all have a great Super Bowl party and your snacking is delicious and healthy! Do you have any great tips for making the snack zone healthier? I would love to hear them.

*Disclaimer - I wrote this blog post while participating in the SocialMoms and Snyder’s of Hanover blogging program, for 6,000 My SocialMoms Rewards Points. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

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