Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Start the Day with Gevalia Kaffe (Review & #Giveaway) #MyBlogSpark

I enjoy starting my day with a cup of hot coffee...

Of course I am always looking for the best coffee to put in my mug. I deserve a little bit of liquid happiness to warm up my cup.

MyBlogSpark gave me the chance to try out Gevalia Kaffe, a Swedish-style coffee with a rich, smooth flavor. Not bitter, it dances on the tongue.

...well, at least mine did.

I was sent a bag of French Roast and also the House Blend. Both were a wonderful departure from my usual cup. First I savored each without any sugar or creamer... then gave it a little mellow cushion with my favorite cream.

My favorite by far was the French Roast. I love the dark roasts the best... full flavor, nice strong coffee with an aroma and flavor to really make even the grumpiest of mornings more enjoyable.

Gevalia has a great tradition. It is the official coffee of the Swedish royal court in a country where the Swedish drink more coffee than most other parts of the world.

Luckily, you don't have to take a trip to Sweden in order to enjoy a cup of this coffee. Safeway is offering up Gevalia Kaffee in their grocery aisle.

You can buy one of their top-ten varieties here in the US  including roast and ground, whole bean, flavored and decaffeinated.

  • Gevalia Traditional Roast (ground and whole bean):
    Gevalia Traditional Roast provides a perfectly balanced taste every time. Our most beloved blend – made of choice, mountain-grown Arabica beans – this coffee has a distinctive body and flavor with a lighter intensity. (Medium Roast).
  • Gevalia House Blend:
    Gevalia favorite, House Blend is a robust yet never bitter coffee. This roast has a captivating aroma that is only matched by its exceptional flavor. (Medium/Dark Roast).
  • Gevalia House Blend Decaf :
    Delivering the same rich, never bitter flavor, House Blend Decaf has the same robust taste without all the caffeine. (Medium/Dark Roast).
  • Gevalia French Roast (ground and whole bean):
    Gevalia French Roast is a coffee of impressive richness and dimension, expertly crafted from prized Arabica beans grown in Colombia and Brazil. Hints of aromatic smoke give this dark-roasted French Roast blend an intense, yet uniquely satisfying flavor. (Dark Roast).
  • Gevalia Colombia:
    Grown high in the Colombian Andes, these beans produce a rich, bright and well-bodied Colombian coffee. This single origin classic is world-renowned, which is why we have sourced these beans for decades. (Medium Roast).
  • Gevalia Espresso Roast:
    Gevalia Espresso Roast is made of premium, mountain-grown Arabica beans from East Africa and Central and South America. This roast is bold and full-bodied with a hint of caramel undertones. (Dark Roast).
  • Gevalia Vanilla:
    This rich blend with vanilla flavor notes is crafted from choice mountain-grown Arabica beans, then roasted for exceptional body and flavor. GevaliaVanilla is a flavorful and balanced experience with a heavenly aroma.
  • Gevalia Chocolate Mocha:
    Gevalia Chocolate Mocha allows you to indulge your passion for decadent flavor. Rich, velvety chocolate flavor is blended with mountain-grown Arabica beans for a sweetly satisfying experience.

Mmm... nothing like treating yourself to a great cup of coffee.

You can connect with Gevalia, other fans and stay up to date with their products on Facebook.

Giveaway Time!

Would you like to win a prize pack just like the one I reviewed? Well, one lucky reader here at Adventures in All Things Food will have a chance to enjoy their own cup of Gevalia Kaffe. Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. I love comments, but they will not be used for the prize drawing.

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*Disclaimer - Kraft Foods has provided sample product to me and is providing the prizes for this program at no cost to me through a program with MyBlogSpark. This program is not administered or sponsored by Kraft Foods or its affiliates, but solely by Adventures in All Things Food.

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