Sunday, February 12, 2012

What Appliance Is Your Right Arm? #BlogDare

I love cooking, but I know that the reason I can make so many fabulous things is partly due to my electronic kitchen helpers. Turn it on, whip... whirr... puree and pulverize.... and dinner is done.

Growing up our kitchen was simple. We did have a microwave, but most other things were deemed unnecessary. The first time I met a Kitchen-Aid, thanks to my husband, I was in awe. I was used to using two opposing knives to cut butter for a crust, bread was kneaded by hand and pasta was rolled and cut by hand.

Now I am swimming in time saving gadgets.

I love my high-powered blender, my ice cream maker and my Kitchen-Aid mixers. But there are two absolute stars in my cabinet, the pasta roller and the bread machine.

I am in love with fresh pasta! Once we started making it we were hooked. So simple to make and it only takes 3 ingredients.... flour, egg and water. I use our fresh eggs and the color is gorgeous. Partnered up with some fresh garden pesto or a hearty marinara, the noodles are filling and delightful. I have a simple, old style roller. Break off a chunk of dough and feed it through the roller as I crank the arm. Each pass through I turn the dial and the pasta becomes thinner and thinner. With the last pass I can have the noodles cut to the desired width and then they are ready to dry or enjoy right away.

Then there is my bread machine. All I have to do is layer my ingredients and hit start. No rising, kneading or hassle. Just good bread... any way I want it. I love that I can control the ingredients and have it fresh everyday, if I want to. This is my ultimate press "on" and walk away kitchen appliance.

Okay, so what is your favorite appliance? Are you a kitchen gadget girl like me?
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