Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why Do People Make Fun of Geeks? #BlogDare

Why in the world do people make fun of geeks? I mean, don't geeks rule the world?

Case in point, Bill Gates...

I have never understood why geeks are given such a hard time. They look at things with an original spin. Without geeks some of the best science fiction would never have gained popularity and have been available for the general (aka normal) public.

Recently I stumbled upon the Geek boards on Pinterest. I was giggling all evening after finding this Hello Kitty Dalek. I even ordered myself an Adipose shirt due to my love of all things  Dr. Who. I was just surprised that even Pinterest has included the geek culture on their boards... or has the geek culture just taken over?

(Photo Source: Uploaded by user via Pet on Pinterest)

What would my world be without Firefly, Star Wars or Warehouse 13?

Creativity brings us new products, innovation and humor. If we all looked at the world the same way, it would be a pretty boring place.  As I get older I understand why it is so important to hold onto fantasy, wonder and adventure. Watching my children play and explore their world it is evident that I need a bit more of that in my adult life.

Geeks have an amazing ability to amass knowledge. Whether it is the info you are looking for or not, you have to respect the amount of time and passion put into a subject. From gadgets and technology to games and movies, they put their heart and soul into their interest.

Who is the first person you call when something goes wrong with your iPhone or computer? Most likely you will call a "Tech Geek" or some sort of "Geek Squad". Their knowledge is just what you need to to find a fast solution to your problem. So why knock them?

I want to raise my children to read H.G. Wells, think on their own and be creative. A well-adjusted geek seems much more desirable than a selfish or superficial adolescent.

So, I don't understand why you would want to make fun of a geek. You might not understand their love of Skyrim, but cultivating a friendship with a geek just might have it's rewards.
....and some inside information on some of the best movies of all time!
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