Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Project Earth Day Scholarships Available to 3 Bloggers - My Idea

If you had $1,000 to help your community celebrate Earth Day, April 22nd, what would you do?

Well, Kalso Earth Shoe wants to find out. They are inviting bloggers to dream up a community service project for their community. All in the hopes of being selected as one of 3 bloggers to carry out their plan with a Project Earth Day Scholarship.

With such a great opportunity, I put my thinking cap on and came up with a project close to my heart. Gardening with kids!

My husband is a farmer and we believe teaching children about where their food comes from and participating in growing it is important. The more they understand about working the soil and working with the Earth in sustainable agriculture the more they will care about their environment. We are all connected on this planet.

My proposed plan is to celebrate Earth Day by inviting the children of our community to come and plant their own vegetable or herb seeds to take home to grow. We would provide the containers the kids can also decorate, seeds, substrate, other materials and information to get the kids growing.

I would love to offer a variety of seeds that are relatively easy to grow. I would also love to offer a container garden option for those families without backyards. My first garden was planted entirely on our back porch the first year, so I know it can be just as rewarding. For the creative little chefs they could plant their own pizza ingredients like tomatoes, basil and oregano to enjoy their own pizza later this Summer!

I am hoping that Kalso Earth Shoes is as excited about this project as I am. It would help to benefit families and children in our area, contribute to healthy eating habits and also get kids up to their elbows in dirt and learning about the cycle of life. 

If you have a great idea for a Project Earth Day Scholarship please apply! The deadline is Thursday, 3/15/2012.

*Disclaimer - I was not compensated for this post. I am entering and promoting the opportunity for others to apply also. All opinions are my own and not associated with Kalso Earth Shoes.
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