Monday, March 5, 2012

Road Trip! I Never Leave My... #BlogDare

Packing always leaves me making lists, crossing items off and double checking, but there is one item I never leave behind... CamelBak Groove Water Bottle. No, really... and this isn't a sponsored post.

I know I need to drink water, but when we travel I usually hate the taste. Bottled water is flat and blah... and if it is from a restaurant, it had better be ice cold to mask any unpleasant taste. So to keep myself drinking more I got one of these bottles. I picked mine up at REI, but they are also sold on Amazon.

I even put my name on the bottle so no one will take it. Yeah, that means my husband.

Don't worry, dear reader... he eventually got his own. It is really that good. It has a carbon filter in a 20 oz. BPA free bottle. Just perfect for taking and drinking anywhere.

As long as I can fill up my bottle, I am good to go. Bring on the miles! ...just make sure there is a rest stop up ahead.

*Disclaimer - This is not a sponsored post. I received no compensation and bought my own CamelBak bottle. I just loved it so much I wanted to share.
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