Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wicked Little Lies Book #Review

Jocelyn has just turned 18 but instead of having the big celebration she was looking forward to for so long she finds out that not only is she not fully human but the people who raised her aren’t her real parents. Instead of staying to listen to her parents’ explanation she takes off and ends up going to live with her biological parents Jacoby and Adeline. Jocelyn quickly makes new friends and gains a potential boyfriend named Sonny but things are far from safe when Kane, another cambion makes his presence known.  Now Jocelyn is left with many questions but few answers. What does the future hold for her and will she end up with Sonny? Only time will tell. 

This is a short, but fast-paced read. I was sent book one and two to read and review and enjoyed the story. My only issue was I would have loved to have the story more fleshed out. Very hard to do with a short story, I know. Characters jump from action to action, but I really wanted more. More thought, more reasons and just ...more.

I never thought I would say a story was too short. I would have enjoyed another 100 pages with Jocelyn and her new found parents. So many possible back stories and descriptions lost. Author Tanya Contois did a great job with her few pages, but it definitely left me hungry for more.

Overall I love the books. This was my first time reading about a Cambion, and I still have so many questions. I felt that I had a taste of her powers, but I was looking for more of an explanation or an exploration with Jocelyn as she came into her own identity.

Considering such a bombshell was dropped on this care-free 18-year old, I would have thought there would have been more soul searching and questioning about her 'powers', her biological parents and the life she so abruptly left behind. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the story and characters, I was just surprised that Jocelyn seemed to take everything at face value. She got into a strange car, accepted her new life and began blending into a new school full of other 'different' students without much trouble. If it had been me, I would have been screaming, "Is this for real?" or "Where is the hidden camera?"

I will eagerly line up to read another Tanya Contois book or short story though. I would just love if she could spare a few more pages to really bring the characters to life for me. So much potential is there, and I can't wait to read volume 3 to see what happens with Jocelyn, her dream-state stalker Kane and the twin heart throbs Sonny and Colton. I have my money on something with Colton since I always root for the bad boys. Sonny seems altogether to normal so far. I have my fingers crossed for some kind of twist.

So if you are deciding whether to read the Wicked Little Lies series, remember this, download them for your Kindle or computer, read them in a few stolen moments during your day and know they are going to be absolutely action packed and engrossing for such a short read. I was able to devour the pages while on vacation and not feel guilty about being engrossed in a full novel.

 Available currently on Amazon for a bargain $.99 download, you can't beat it!
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