Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Basket #Craft - A Simple Tutu Basket

While on Pinterest a few weeks ago I found an adorable tutu Easter basket from The Ribbon Retreat Blog. I knew immediately it was perfect for my little girl.

I went to Michaels and grabbed supplies to match her Easter dress, but when I got home I realized the basket in the post was a very loose weave basket. The tulle can easily be slipped between the weave. My basket was not loose weave. I fell in love with a very tightly woven dark stained basket. The color really went well with my daughter's dress.

So, I improvised making this an option for any basket you choose.

I grabbed 2 1/2 yards of tulle, cream satin ribbon and a hydrangea that matched the dress. Well, it was the closest flower I could find.

Start by securing the ribbon around the basket. I tucked it behind the handle and then hot glued 6 points around the rim. Leave a little slack (not much) so you can tuck the tulle under the ribbon.

I also chose to wrap the handle. Use the glue gun to secure it.

Then use a slip knot to tie on the tulle strips. I cut my strips around 8" long. Don't worry about being exact. You can trim them later and varied lengths give the skirt a more full appearance. If you have ever made a tie-on tutu, this is the same technique. Fold the tulle in half and poke it under the ribbon. I glued my ribbon on pretty tight, so I used the end of my scissors to help push the tulle under. Then slip the end through the loop on the top and pull.

Then embellish as you like. I used a few segments of the hydrangeas to decorate around the handle. I also wrapped and embellished a matching head band for my daughter. After I was finished I trimmed up my tulle to make it even all the way around.

This basket is super easy to make. It took me two evenings with a lot of interruptions, but I could have easily finished it while watching a movie. My daughter loves it and now we are set for Easter!

What will you fill your Easter baskets with this year?
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