Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Moshi Monsters Know How to Party! (#BobbleBots)

Have you met the Moshi Monsters Bobble Bots 'Moshlings' yet?

Spin Master (a favorite toy company of ours) and Mind Candy created them... now the toys are vibrating all around town.

We were sent a big party pack to enjoy and share with our friends. These little toys wiggle and bobble their way all around the town you can create out of their play sets. If they seem familiar, it is because they are made by the creators of Hexbugs. We love the way they randomly move about and I was excited to try out these toys as well.

I love how bringing new toys out of their packages really gets kids excited! No explanation necessary. My only concern was how long it took to open the packaging. The kids were pretty impatient.

I was not happy about the noise involved with the Moshi Monsters. We started out playing with them on the hard floor and I would suggest putting these over carpeting to muffle the vibration. The kids loved the movement.

Not only can kids play with the sets and toys, but they can use secret codes found inside the packages to log on to and play in the online community. Adopt a monster, name it and start playing! My son enjoyed getting online. I rarely let him use the computer, so it was a real treat.

The toys are small enough to fit in a hand and even travel with you. I love all the cute faces and personalities. It is really hard for the kids to keep them on the set. These little Moshlings seem to want to go everywhere!

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*Disclaimer - I received a host pack for our Moshi Monsters party made possible by MomSelect and MommyParties. All opinions are my own. Your experiences may vary.
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