Thursday, May 10, 2012

Evenflo Bebek Collection #Review - Designed to Be a Natural Extension of Mom

Choosing a bottle for a new baby is big decision. There are so many products on the shelves to choose from and it can be confusing and overwhelming. When my first child was born, almost 5 years ago, it was the decision between drop in liners, plastic and glass. Even that decision was too much.

I love that in the years since then the technology and research about what makes a good bottle has improved the products. It isn't just about reflux anymore.

The Evenflo Bebek Collection includes a whole line of bottles, nipples and pacifiers designed to be a natural extension of you, Mom. 

I was sent two bottles, which came with Slow ProFlow Nipples as well as a package of Fast Flow Nipples.

First of all, the bottles are easy to clean and assemble. The silicone nipple has a wide-base for easier latching and to more closely mimic a Mom. The nipples did not leak and were one piece. Thank goodness for simplicity! I have had to replace more bottles do to parts getting lost, broken, chewed or I just couldn't deal with the hassle anymore. These Proflow nipples also rapidly vents releasing air bubbles into the bottle and not causing the tummy troubles associated with gas and colic.

I liked the shape of the bottle and easy to grip sides. It is not only easy for me to hold, but also easier for tiny hands to help with. My babies have all wanted to "do it themselves" from a young age and this will be a nice bonus.

I was also sent a set of smalls silicone pacifiers. I love the simple and gender neutral orange and green colors. These would make a great gift for anyone whether they know the baby's gender or not.

I loved the nipple size and shape which was designed to promote healthy oral development.The shield also has big vent holes and is contoured with soft edges. This is all to prevent redness and chafing around the mouth. I am sure we have all seen pacifier users with those tell-tale signs.

I also like that the caps can be re-used. I like to keep these to protect the pacifier nipple while it is being carried in my diaper bag.

I was very impressed with the collection so far and really am amazed with how far baby bottles have come in just a few short years. I was sent the 5oz bottle to review, but the bottle collection also includes a 2oz option and 8 oz option.

You can purchase your own items from the Evenflo Bebek Collection online at Buy Buy Baby or on, or look for them in your favorite stores

To try out the collection or gift some products for your next baby shower, look for the Evenflo Bebek Infant Starter Set that includes each of the bottles, a bottle brush and pacifier and pacifier holder.

*Disclaimer - This review was made possible by Mom Spark Media. I received the products mentioned above for review purposes. All thoughts are my own. 
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