Wednesday, May 2, 2012

From My Eye to your Screen - Improving my Food Photography

You might have noticed a few photos around here...

These are some of the photos I am more proud of. I just wish I consistently could get great shots. I actually put a lot of time and effort into plating, linens, etc. These shots were all taken at around 10 am on a sunny day, across from a large window on my kids' wooden table.

Fine, except I rarely have a chance to snap shots of food at the perfect time, in the perfect place. As a blogger and Mother I need to be more flexible with my schedule. As a result my photos usually come out looking a bit more like this:

Dark, slightly blurry and really doesn't do these delicious and gooey treats justice.

But the brownies are much better than they would have been with my old point and shoot camera. Those photos were really difficult.

Not as appetizing as I had hoped for. I was so happy to receive my Canon EOS Rebel T2i a few months ago. The only problem is I haven't figured out how to use it to it's full potential. Currently I only use a few settings and still don't understand all the features. 

So last month I started searching through amazon for 'How To' books on food photography. I was hoping to glean some information from any source I could find. I mean, a great photo opens doors in the blogging world.

Luckily, Social Fabric advertised a food photography course through their SoFab U.

So, yay! I'm a student again.

I hope to bring you some great food photos through this course and give you, dear reader, more reasons to pin, stumble and drool over your computer screen. I also hope to do more photo documenting of the things we grow and enjoy from the farm. The rich colors and textures are just begging for me to share with you.

Wish me luck! I have quizzes, assignments and work... er, I mean cooking to do!
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