Friday, May 4, 2012

Looking For Your Next Great Facebook Game? Try, Celebrity Me!

Looking for the next hot Facebook game?

I know everyone loves their games, if the number of requests in my profile is any indication, so I wanted to share this fun new game called Celebrity Me. This game lets your inner star shine through in a game where you can create the celebrity of your dreams. The experience is heightened with real-world partners like Titanic 3D and Taylor Guitars found in the game.

Create a star, smile at the paparazzi, choose the outfits, and cast your friends in supportive roles.  Yes, this game will let you star in a movie, go to the best parties and enjoy it all with your friends. Just invite friends and family to play along with you and you can all be stars.

Here is my character's latest shopping trip:

There is a whole range of outfits, looks and accessories to choose frov I took a regular daytime look to this:

In the left corner of the screen is the money I have accumulated through daily activities. Afterwards I am critiqued on my look. I got a 10/10!

As with any online social game, it is about getting friends involved, competition and passing the time. There are plenty of opportunities to live it up while signing autographs, unlocking new levels and creating "Me-Tube" videos of crazy celebrity inspired antics.

The challenges are fun, but I have yet to make a "bad" decision. I guess my simulated rise to stardom has been relatively easy? For my nightclub outing I picked a date, the celebrities in the game have names that are humorous takes on current celebs, and then spun the wheel  to see what my personality was up to. My character did a bit of table dancing, but I got a perfect score, and royalties when the video of it went viral. All of these videos come with the option of sharing on your Facebook wall as well, so everyone you know can see.

Yes, it is all in fun and that is what I want from an online game. It reminds me a lot of the Sims, which I played during college. Of course this game is a bit more glamorous and has many more options. I like the fact there are new sections of the online city being unlocked. This means more gigs and challenges coming soon.

It is easy to play and even easier to become hooked on. The biggest drawback I found with the game was the monotonous background music. I have yet to find a game who's background music I enjoy yet, but since all the dialogue pops up in conversation bubbles anyway, it is easy enough to mute my computer during game play.

You can connect with Celebrity Me on social media through twitter - @celebrityme
and check out the official Facebook page.
Play Celebrity Me Free on Facebook yourself and let me know what you think.

*Disclaimer - I reviewed this game for compensation. All opinions are my own and I was not expected to post a favorable review. Your experiences may vary.
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