Thursday, May 31, 2012

Our Farm Update: May Ended Well

It has been a busy month with a whole helping of "hurry up and wait", but finally things are looking good around here.

Most of my time has been devoted to planting our starts in the ground. I know, finally! Do you remember my post, Planting With Kids, back in March? Well, I was thrilled to finally have them in the ground.

My eggplant are up front, I have a few different varieties here, including my favorite Japanese variety. You will notice that I am using a bit of the silver mulch from last year and red mulch special for the tomatoes. Mulch is a great way for the home gardener to cut down on weeds, pests and watering. But that deserves its own post.

Some of my favorite additions to the garden this year include Episote, an herb often cooked with beans to offset their gassy properties! I also have a great miniature squash variety new to Territorial's seed catalog this year,
   ....isn't it cute?

 Tiger Eye and Cannelloni Beans and a Japanese burpless cucumber. I will get some pics up as they sprout and mature.

Blueberries are looking good and plumping up nicely! I hope to replace a few bushes and expand my plants next year.

The apple tree is loaded and the kids and chickens have been eyeing them already.

And this morning I received a call at 6:44 am from the Post office that my package arrived....

Yes, 17 little balls of fluff were peeping at me all the way home. All of them are doing well and survived the trip from Texas.

Now, don't even ask me what my plans are for the extra 7!!! barred rock roosters added to keep my girls warm. Yeah... we will cross that bridge soon enough. I think we might have a well-stocked freezer this year.

Yes, things are hopping and the days just got hot here in Oregon. There will be more posts, giveaways and recipes posted soon. For now I am just trying to manage our growing little home farm. I promise that the garden and chicks will be inspiring many great meals to come.

What are your gardening or Summer plans? I would love to hear what you are up to.
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