Sunday, May 6, 2012

Project 365 - In the Blink of an Eye

Just yesterday, it seems, I delighted in watching my little guy stand and take his first steps. I longed for the day he would run and jump. But it all seemed so far away. My sweet little boy, so small, so precious made me go slow. I had to slow down to help him take his first steps, I had to slow my gait as I held his hand in the parking lot and I slowly became accustomed to always being the last to arrive at family functions.

Now it is all about speed. He is a boy, he needs to go fast. His wheels finally allow him to glide across the ground feeling the wind in his hair. "Wheee..." he yells as he speeds past me.

Off he goes, fiercely independent, stubborn and loud. Bell ringing and self-supplied motor sounds. He constantly asks if we can race. And there he goes, speeding off and growing up so fast.

Somedays I wonder how I was left behind. It took me so long to go slowly with him and truly appreciate those simpler days. Now I understand how fast childhood will be gone.

How do you keep up with your children as they grow up?
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