Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Because I'm a Mom - UrgentRx Headache Relief to Go #CBias

Ever had one of those days?

I am a Mom of two small children, the wife of a busy farmer, sleep deprived, stressed and always on the go. I get massive headaches several times a week, but don't have the luxury to slow down.


I am swimming in mountains of laundry...

And have two little tornadoes to feed and clean up after.

Yes, it is the best job ever. But I hate when headaches knock me flat. My head will pound and ring with every scream, giggle or squeal from my kids. Usually I take a simple pain reliever and just wait.

So when I heard about UrgentRx I was more than willing to give it a try. I mean, what did I have to lose, other than a headache?

A simple powder, UrgentRx Headache Relief to Go fits easily in a wallet, purse, or diaper bag to be ready for when those inconvenient headaches hit. It doesn't require water. Just tear open, pour into your mouth and relief will come quickly.

You can learn more about the product on their website including where you can pick up your own convenient packets of UrgentRx. Be sure to check out all the other products they offer while you are there.

I found my packets of UrgentRx at my local Fred Meyers at the pharmacy counter. It was also prominently  advertised in the entrance of the pharmacy. I spent a while searching the pain relief aisle with no luck - I was looking for a box and not a small packet. Check out my complete shopping trip in my Google+ album.

It was right there on the counter. At that price it easy enough to try. If it works, make sure you stock up. I have already found plenty of places I want to stash a packet.

As for the taste? A pleasant and sweet and sour mix of lemon lime flavor made this very easy to take. When I purchase mine at the pharmacy the pharmacy assistant mentioned she is a huge fan. She couldn't stop raving about how quickly it worked for her. She suggested drinking a little water afterwards, but I didn't have a problem with the powder straight.

I liked that it wasn't too much to swallow, just a little powder. Now I don't have to worry about broken pills in purse that taste awful without the coating. My headache was gone within 15 minutes. I can't tell you the exact amount of time it took, I just realized my head wasn't pounding anymore.

As a busy Mom I have to keep going even when a bad headache hits. I plan on using my handy little packets of UrgentRx to get me back to playing with my kids and enjoying their laughter even faster.

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