Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Easy Cherry and Biscoff Parfaits #Recipe

What is more American than cherry pie?

Well, I don't have time these days to bake either a cherry or apple pie these days. I needed a quick and fun dessert to treat my family. So the parfait came to mind.

Have you ever tried Biscoff cookies? They also make a yummy spread (that is made from the cookies) that we use in place of peanut butter for the kids. I order them by the case off of amazon... and good thing because they are quite addictive.

Easy Cherry and Biscoff Parfaits

You will need:
Cherry Pie filling
Whipped cream
6 Biscoff cookies
1 Tbsp. sugar
1/4 c. butter, melted

Grab 4 clear glasses.

In a food processor pulse up the Biscoff cookies, sugar and melted butter until it resembles a course sand.

Spoon a little of the cookie mixture into the bottom of your cup. Then add a layer of cherry pie filling followed by more Biscoff, whipped cream, cherries and then another dollop of  whipped cream topped with a cherry.

Now, wasn't that easy? I promise your family won't care that you didn't slave away in the kitchen over it. The deep caramel flavor of the cookies goes so well with the sweet/tart cherries.

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