Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday Fit and Focused - Wk 1: Sucking it Up

No, I didn't say sucking it in. That would be whole reason for this post.

No, this is actually about getting serious again about getting healthy. I have been tossing around the idea of Body for Baby planning. I want to get healthy and have been at a weight loss plateau for a while. Summer is flying by and I don't want the holidays to come around again with me wondering why I didn't lose the weight I had hoped.

I have 70lbs to lose.

It's a big number. But that is no excuse to not start chipping away at it. Tomorrow has become my excuse...

Tomorrow I will exercise
Tomorrow I will get up early and run
Tomorrow I will cut out the sugar
Tomorrow I will make better choices
Tomorrow I will get more sleep

Do any of these sound familiar? If you have any "tomorrow" excuses, join me! I would love to see if anyone else wants to join in on the Friday fun. Friday will be my recap, my accountability for the week. I already post my plans on Mondays for motivation. Now it is time to be accountable.

Pics will be coming and I hope to add in some healthy giveaways and product reviews. The products are not the motivation for these posts, real weight loss is.

What are your goals?

What is keeping you from achieving your healthy weight?

This is week 1 for me. Everyone has to start somewhere and humbly I am ready to give this all a shot. Are you with me?
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