Thursday, July 26, 2012

TailTowns Friends, Your New Facebook outlet + #Giveaway

Are you a social gamer on Facebook?

Come on, admit it. I know most of my friends escape to Farmville, Bejeweled or had mafia ties by all the requests and wall updates I read. So, if you have found yourself playing your day away, you are in good company.

Facebook gaming is the largest growing genre in the last several years*. Would you be shocked to hear that half of all Facebook logins are to play games?** And the majority of these social gamers are women? It makes sense to me. The majority of my friends online playing these kind of games are female.

So what does TailTowns Friends have to offer? Well, Ganz, the makers of Webkinz, wants to bring a little bit of soap opera drama, mystery and an escape to it's players. Now, isn't that why we all play? This free-to-play Facebook game incorporates photo-realistic graphics, juicy storylines and the ability to customize your own perfect country get away.

I have to say there is so much going on in this game! Depending on your own personal preferences there is something for everyone. I still have only scratched the surface and have many more options to explore. I think my gaming mood changes when I am online. Some nights I am up for the make-believe drama and other nights I want to amass, collect and work. Finally a game that can keep me engaged through all my changing moods.
Tail TownsFriends™ enchanted world of mystery with tales of intrigue, treachery and forbidden love.

And TailTowns Friends combines some of the best of Facebook games, you can harvest, decorate, and promote commerce while playing out a story full of mystery, romance and treachery! Great dialogues come with the animation and voice acting and some of the quotes are quite memorable, like:
RENE: “But then things got..complicated. Like a Rubik’s Cube wrapped in a Sudoku covered in Duct Tape.”
Along with the game are the custom designed collectible polystone figurines you can collect for in-game rewards, a virtual decor item with daily rewards, as well as unlock the characters secret life in TailTowns.

So if you are looking for your next great Facebook game, give TailTowns Friends a try and see what all the excitement is about on Facebook or check out the TailTowns blog.

Now, the game is free, but I would love to get one of my readers started with a figurine and code to make things even more interesting.


One lucky reader will win a first series TailTowns figurine. Figurine may vary from the photos in this post.

Entry is EASY!

Tweet a description of your "dream garden" or "country getaway" with the hashtag #TailTowns. I want to see how creative you are, don't be shy.

ex: My dream country getaway would be on a lake in the mountains #TailTowns

Come back and leave the URL of your tweet.

Giveaway ends August 6th, 2012, at midnight PST. Good luck!

*Disclaimer - Product and promotion made possible through Global Influence. All information was provided through them and I am not responsible for prize fulfillment in this giveaway. Prize will be fulfilled through the company or PR firm. Winner must be 18 years old. Giveaway open to the US. All opinions expressed are my own.

*(Gaming Expands Its Presence in the Digital Universe”, McKinsey & Company, Insights from McKinsey’s Global iConsumer Research September 2011) **( 10 Mindblowing Facebook Game Statistics,, September 2010)
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