Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Coming Down from a Vacation Fun High

Where do I begin?

This past weekend I was fortunate again to make the trip to PKU family camp with my kids. It is a yearly camp experience for the families of those living with metabolic disorders. I have mentioned here on the blog before that both my children have this rare condition. It is so amazing to be surrounded by families who understand. No one has to explain and we are all there to have fun.

Located in the high dessert of Oregon, the camp is an amazing oasis in the midst of tumble weeds and jack rabbits. This year we stayed Creekside which is a fabulous mining themed water park.

To my kids, it was a magical place...

With games, laughter and a shared understanding for being different.

There were so many firsts last weekend. My daughter explored bouldering, my son fell in love with the ropes course and they both had an amazingly great time on the water slides.

I loved spending time with my family without the hassle of making two separate menus at every meal. There was one whole line at every meal for low protein foods fitting with the PKU diet. The choices made my kids light up.

Now I am just trying to settle back into our usual routine. I am facing a Mt. Everest of laundry to tackle and the kids need to get back onto their usual nap schedule. Dare I say it, I need a vacation from being on vacation. Recipes posts, giveaways and reviews will all be resuming for next week and I have needed a few days to get comfortable.

This past weekend was also a great reminder that life is full of surprises. When we first heard the diagnosis for my son, over 4 years ago, the future seemed uncertain. Now I am happy to say it is awfully bright, hot and even a bit wet.. but I wouldn't have it any other way.

What big trip did you make this Summer? What kind of an impression did it leave on you?

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  1. Wow, that camp looks great!! We (Georgia PKU Connect) are having our first family one here in Georgia in October. :) I went to the one for girls at Emory for many years. So much fun!

    1. Oh, I can't wait to hear how it was. Hope you have a blast. Was there a girl's PKU camp at Emory? Wow. I bet that was a great experience.


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