Thursday, August 23, 2012

LeapFrog Touch Magic - It's a “Rock ‘n Learn” Party

I had the chance to throw a fun playdate for my children and their friends. We already enjoy LeapFrog products so when I heard about the Touch Magic toys, the Rockin' Guitar and Learning Bus, I knew my kids would love a chance to try them out.

Ever notice how a child's favorite toy usually makes noises? Well, maybe that is just my kids. I have a 2 (almost 3) year old and a 4 year old. The noisier the toy, the better and music is a real plus. This was a great opportunity to slip in a musical and educational toy into playtime.

I was sent two Rockin' Guitars, a Learning Bus and a whole host of information, activity sheets and party ideas. The goal of this party was fun and creativity so I prepared some snack, treats and drinks, invited over some families with young children and let them explore this new toys.

All the children spent time playing with the Learning Bus, though I am going to have to show my children the alphabet features on the toy. They were so busy playing with the keyboard they missed the other features on the toy. The Learning Bus was fun for all the ages represented at our party.

The Touch Magic Learning Bus combines music with the alphabet, animals and early vocabulary. With 40+ touch points (letters, piano keys and more), kids can switch between 3 learning modes: Learning, Letter Exploration and Music. So many ways to keep little fingers busy and busy minds engaged.

There was a wide variety of ages at the party from 1-year olds to a 7-year old. With help, even the youngest party goers had fun with the Rockin' Guitar. This little guy enjoyed the music. 

My daughter had a blast playing. She jumped and danced along with the songs. I didn't show the children how to play with these toys. I set them in the living room and let them explore on their own. Before we knew it the kids wanted to put on a show for all the parents. It was unprompted, freestyle and a great chance to preform in front of an audience.

The Rockin' Guitar allows several different ways to play. For ages 3+, it allows for solo playing, with a band or along with 10 different learning songs. Loaded with buttons, this guitar comes with applause, percussion and sound effects. Speed it up, add a guitar riff or just get plain silly for a unique song and play experience. It is currently available at Target and other major retailers.

I love seeing the kids use their imagination and really get into play. This little rock band had a great time and kept all of us entertained. Overall I was very happy with the LeapFrog Touch Magic toys. The kids were so excited to try them out and my daughter has played with the guitar every day since.

Here is a video I put together of the kids playing and describing the Rockin' Guitar and Learning Bus. Check it out:

Right now LeapFrog is running a Rockin' Guitar Contest for a chance to win $500! The contest is going on right now through November 30th. Grab a Rockin' Guitar or a substitute prop and create your own video. Videos will be voted on and judged. Visit the Touch Magic LeapFrog site for more information and complete contest rules.

I know once my kids got the Rockin' Guitar in hand, they were more than happy to play and dance for the camera. I can't wait to see what LeapFrog will think of next.

*Disclaimer - I received free LeapFrog products in order to host the LeapFrog sponsored Rock'n Learn Party. All opinions are my own.
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