Monday, August 20, 2012

Motivated Monday - Starting is the Hardest Part

Did you survive the weekend?

For me, just barely! I both dread and look forward to the weekdays. The return of Monday means we are back to our regularly scheduled activities, routine and fewer tantrums. Yesterday we had a great time with friends, but my kids were so wound up, they spent most of the evening melting down. My son went down swinging and ended up on a mattress on the floor. We had to follow through, right?

This week begins a departure from my usual "Mamavation Monday" posts with a refocus on motivating my week. They will be posted on Mondays and will be my blueprint for tackling the week, including my meal plan, exercise plan, etc.

So, what is my motivation for the week?
  • Getting my family ready for PKU camp! With food, other PKU families and water slides, it is bound to be a blast. I could really use the change of scenery.
  • Lose 2lbs. That is the goal, we will see how that goes. I will probably be super busy walking all around camp, so it probably won't be a problem.
  • Get more sleep. Yes, still trying to train myself to head in at 10pm and get up earlier instead of staying up late and the kids waking me.
Meal Plan 8/20 - 8/23
Monday - Taco Salad, & Baked Egg Rolls
Tuesday- Zucchini Bread Pancakes
Wednesday- Broccoli, bacon, potato fritata
Thursday - Corn Pancakes (my husband's request!)

Exercise Plan
My goal is to squeeze in at least one hour of walking or DVD cardio this week. PM Yoga DVD before bed.

Coming Up:
I have a heart rate monitor review to post soon and hope to start tackling exercise DVD reviews in the coming weeks. I want to keep better tabs on what is working for me and share the great finds I am enjoying at the time.

For me, starting something new is always the hardest part. I hope to keep myself motivated and focused on my goals by adding them here. More sharing and stories to come when Summer begins to slow down. What are your goals for the week? How will you stay motivated to reach them?
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