Sunday, August 26, 2012

Motivated Monday - Stepping Up to a Challenge

When this post goes live I will be having fun with my family at PKU family camp. It is the highlight of the Summer for my kids, and even my husband and I appreciate the chance to get away from the usual routines. This year will be a little different because when I return I will be going back to boot camp.

Remember Mamavation? Remember my journey as a Mamavation Mom?

Okay, it was amazing! But, the weight has been creeping back up. I haven't made exercise a priority and it is all back like an unwanted house guest. (At least guests are easier to kick out!)

I will return from camp to hear who is part of the newest Mamavation campaign as well as joining them in the workouts, logging and hopefully... losing. But this time around I won't be alone on my journey. No, Leah has paired us up with other past grads. I am buddied up with Angela from Nine More Months. We actually were in a campaign together and I am stoked to cheer her on and get support from her.

This is it... a plan, tracking my eating via online journals and really being public about my journey... again. Ready to join me on this wild ride? I am excited to really push myself and see what Mark has in store for our workouts. Should this time around be easier? Well, I am sure I will face new challenges, but I am eager and willing to face them.

Sorry to say I will miss the twitter party and will even be showing up to this challenge a little late... I am determined to squeeze in my Monday workout before crashing after our 4 days away and eat the best I can despite traveling.

And who am I? I am a Mom of two who loves food, never finds time for exercise and has about a million and 5 reasons not to sweat. Yeah, I am a work in progress. Ready for some pics?

No, I will not be enlarging them, thank you very much! It gets a little easier to post the "before" shots, but I wouldn't really call it easy. I just keep reminding myself that every adventure has a beginning... and this is mine.

I don't have a workout or meal plan to post today because I am waiting for some of it and need time to tackle the rest. Monday will be a very busy day for this mama. I do have a goal though, I want to work on my middle... shrink, slim, tighten and tone. Anything to bust that gut I have developed.

...and Leah asked for a weight goal. With my eyes on the prize I am putting down 25 lbs. Honestly a number is hard for me to pull out. I want to be under 200 lbs and well on my way to 140lbs. Of course that will come with time and hard work. For this challenge I am going to bust my behind for a cool 25 lbs!

I hope you will join me on this journey. Have a great week.
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