Thursday, August 2, 2012

Project 365 - Guinea Fowl Funnies

A face only a Mother could love?

...or maybe just a Guinea Fowl enthusiast?

My little watchdogs are all grown up and very noisy! It's okay, we live out in the country and surrounded by farm land. I posted a pic of these guys a few months ago with they were still keets.

Now my little puff-balls are all grown... and much different looking.

Why do I keep the Guinea Fowl? They keep a watch on the yard and honk loudly if there are intruders. I am hoping they can warn me if another fox decides to come calling. They also eat ticks, snacks and chase away small rodents.

Even though they might look a little "funny", I love watching them move around the yard. They are not aggressive and quite curious. They are fowl, so a little skiddish.

Have you ever seen or heard Guinea Fowl in person?
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  1. aww they are so cute! what interesting little animals :)

  2. I want to get some guinea's. I just got the chickens into their coop, I was thinking of getting about three of them. I think from everything I have read they are great protectors and insect control. I really want them to know when people come down the road on horses with their dogs that are free to run without a chain but my city dogs start barking at and run out at them :-(

  3. What a great time you had@! They are so interesting it ALMOST makes me want to get some:)


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