Thursday, August 16, 2012

Seeing the Bright Side of a Bad Morning

This morning didn't go exactly as planned. In fact, all my best laid plans were turned on end. Basically nothing was accomplished and my son watched on as I searched through trash for an important paper. I am sure as a Mom all of us have had those kind of mornings, right?

After missing my morning walk yesterday due to a flat tire, last night my husband fixed it and I was up with the rooster to set off and get my steps in. Yeah, it almost seemed too easy.

With the kids decked out in hats and sunglasses, I moved the stroller outside and went around back to open up the chicken coop. I came back around to find my son trying to "fix" one of the back tires on the stroller. It was flatter than flat and I couldn't even get the bike pump to go back on the valve.

So our walk was scrapped.

I know the kids could sense my frustration. Shoes, glasses and hats all came back off and were put away. I set down to work and quickly noticed an important paper was missing. I am a note-aholic. I track everything with sticky notes, paper and pads. Of course the one I was looking for was missing.

I just cleaned off my work area last week. Yeah, moment of panic! Did I throw out the wrong papers?

During all of this my son was playing with his favorite garbage truck. It is actually filled with scraps of paper and miscellaneous garbage. My thoughts turned to a few scrap pieces of paper I had given him for his collection. I asked him if he had seen my notes, had he taken any paper? He shook his head, "No, Mommy."

After looking in several places I had to face facts... my important paper might be in little bits in the back of that garbage truck. To my son's horror I took the truck and dumped the contents (candy wrappers and tiny bits of paper) on the living room carpet.

I have to admit this is the closest I have ever come to dumpster diving. I might as well have been waist deep in a bin from the look on my son's face. After looking carefully, none of the paper matched. I promised to clean it all up and put it safely back into his truck... and finally stopped to ask him for help.

Quickly my son was darting in and out of rooms, his little sister running after. And, he found it! I was so relieved. I had been so frustrated by my son's earlier attempts to help me that I almost missed out on getting his help later. The world is a big complicated place to a 5-year old but sometimes his help is exactly what I need.

This realization and the help my son so eagerly gave changed my outlook on the morning. Was it really so bad? No. It just wasn't what I had hoped for. This is life and it is a truly wild and rewarding ride. Even as a parent there are so many lessons still to be learned.

Do you ever get so wrapped up in your schedule and plans that you miss out on those around you? Have you ever had unwanted "help" from a child?
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