Monday, August 20, 2012

We Sparkled at our Creativity for Kids Party (#FaberCastellParty!)

In our group of friends there are several of us who were pregnant at the same time. When our babies were born we had "play dates" mostly so all the parents could talk, compare notes and share funny stories about our newborns.

But the babies quickly grew up and started running around. Parties became harder to have and we were all so busy. There was a lot of crying, melt-downs and other mishaps. So, I was thrilled to have some friends over for our very first craft party courtesy of Creativity for Kids.

Finally with children old enough to sit and create, the Moms were also able to get our crafting time in.

I was sent several fabulous kits filled with everything needed to create fashion headbands, bracelets, pop-up books and glitter adorned boxes or cards.

This kit was for making bracelets. It included everything from the scissors, tape, craft glue to ribbons, string and bling. Since we had several guests over I grabbed a few more pairs of scissors and glue. But basically the party was ready without much set-up.

The thing we quickly realized was even the Moms were having fun with these projects. The younger children needed help but everyone, boys and girls, was excited to create and design their own items. The boys created crowns and even decorated headbands and bracelets to give away as gifts to family.

I wish these kits had been available when I was younger and going to slumber parties. They would have been perfect to keep a group of young girls busy with fashion shows and giggling for an entire night.

The kits vary in suggested age from 5 and up or age 7 and up, but we had even younger children helping out with supervision. I wouldn't mind ordering another headband kit to put together myself. It was a lot of fun and a great way to relax.

With help my daughter created this bracelet and treasure box and couldn't have been more excited to show them off. I look forward to making more of these Farber-Castell's Creativity for Kids kits with her in the future.

We all had a great time and even our youngest crafter had to show off the headband her Mom created. These kits are great for kids, perfect for Mother-child bonding, and fun for Mom time as well.

So what do you think? Would your kids enjoy a Creativity for Kids kit? Or would you like to try one out for yourself?

*Disclaimer - I received Farber-Castell's Creativity for Kids kits to enjoy at our party as part of MommyParties. All opinions are my own.
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