Monday, September 17, 2012

Motivated Monday - Oh, Snap! How is it Monday Already?

Ever have those weeks?

My eating, blech, my water intake, horrible... somehow I survived the week but in the course of things I kinda fell off the map.

But here's the thing, my body is still going. My shoes still work and my pedometer is waiting. I don't want sympathy because it was a choice. Albeit a bad one,  I made the choice not to find time. In fact I crashed. With so much to do I felt like a wind-up toy that was taking its one. last. step. So last night I went to sleep. The kitchen sink held a night's worth of dishes, filled laundry basket in the living room, but I headed upstairs around 10pm.

Best choice of the week.

Today I will grab breakfast - 2 scrambled eggs, veggies, avocado and coffee
I will carry my water bottle everywhere with me
I will go on a 3 mile walk with my kids
I will do my Mamavation Grad workout
I will go to bed by 10pm
...and I will smile, laugh and cuddle my kids.

I did though create my week's meal plan. Yay! I don't do well faced with last minute eating options. I like to shop ahead of time and be very prepared to feed my family. So here it is:

Meal Plan 9/17
Monday - Taco/Tortilla Soup (a cross between the two with chicken, beans and loads of fresh tomatoes)
Tuesday - Basil and Summer Squash Pasta, rubbed kale salad with tomatoes
Wednesday - Tuna Casserole, salad
Thursday - Baked Spring Rolls, gyoza, egg drop soup
Friday - Orza salad, raw veggies, steamed corn and pumpkin soup
Saturday - Oyakodon, salad, shyoyu steamed pumpkin
Sunday - Kale and leek ravioli, salad, fruit salad

Here is my favorite meal from last week. Quinoa with goat cheese, zucchini and corn, steamed broccoli, tomato, sliced green peppers and a smear of garlic hummus for dipping. Yum!

As for my scale pic? Well, I cringed at the thought of stepping on it this morning. To my surprise there was still a loss... not big, but I will take it!

I lost .8 lbs this past week!

GOAL: 175lbs  - Current 208.6lbs  = 33.6lbs to lose
        9/2                Current 204.8lbs = 29.9 lbs to lose
        9/9                Current 203.4lbs = 28.5 lbs to lose
        9/16              Current 202.6lbs = 27.6 lbs to lose

Now I just keep thinking what the number could be if I actually work hard this week. My goal is to try!

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