Monday, October 1, 2012

Do You Shop With Your Phone? I Do! My Tips and Tricks #eBayMobile

Gone are the days of flipping to the newspaper circulars for me. Seems like everything I need for sales, events and coupons can go straight to my phone. I am not sure I could even shop without my phone anymore. I would probably feel naked. There are so many amazing apps to help me minimize my time spent shopping and maximize my savings.

I love getting the best price when I shop. My money has to stretch for a family of four on a single income, so both my husband and I often pull out our phones to stay on top of sales, discounts, promotions and product reviews. The best part is, we can find this information in-store, at home or whenever we have a question. Why pay more when all the information you need to be a savvy shopper is right at your fingertips.

My top three ways to use my phone while are:

  • Product Reviews and Ratings
  • Comparison Shopping
  • Where to Buy
Product Reviews and Ratings
Can't decide what to buy? Online there is a wealth of information provided by shoppers just like you. Either from a retail site like Target or Amazon you can see ratings from people who have already tried the product. For tech gadgets I often turn to tech blogs or electronic sites for information. I don't even think my husband will buy a phone, computer or camera without first looking at how it has been reviewed and rated.

Comparison Shopping
This is my favorite way to use my phone. I recently downloaded the RedLaser app for my iPhone and just from scanning a barcode I can see a list of various stores' prices for that product.

I scanned my beloved bag of coffee and RedLaser listed where I could find more and how much it is there.

Pretty neat, right? Use this while you are in a store to see if a price is good or not. I don't usually quibble over a few cents, but the difference between $6 and $10 is pretty big.

Where To Buy
The most common way I use my phone while shopping is to find the product I am looking for. I often see blog reviews of great new products or hear about a new item through word of mouth. The problem is often trying to find it in my small town. That is where the phone comes in.

Whether it is a new food product or home item I can always turn to a quick phone search on the brand page or my browser to find retailers carrying the product. I recently went into the city and most of our trip was planned out by where I could find certain products. I hunted down a specific brand of wine, a costume for my children and we even found the perfect lunch spot.

Of course, for those really hard to find items you can also use ebay to track them down. Yes, even on your mobile phone. There are several great ebay apps to chose from depending on what you need. This is where I found the RedLaser app, but check out all the others you can choose from on the mobile ebay app page.

I was searching specifically for my iPhone, but you can also check out the BlackBerry or Android apps. If you have only used ebay on your home computer, you might be pleasantly surprised to see how well it works on your phone.

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Hope to see you there and good luck!

*Disclaimer - This campaign has been brought to you by Splash Creative Media on behalf of eBay Mobile. I was compensated for my post, but my words and opinions remain my own.
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