Monday, October 22, 2012

Motivated Monday - My Back, Has My Back

There is nothing more humbling than not being able to move. Let this be a warning to you/love letter to a body part that makes my every movement, every action easier.

Oh, yeah... this is all about my back.

Saturday morning we went on our annual pumpkin patch trip. My husband drove the pumpkin wagon and we set out with our friends and an army of little people in search of those perfect orange orbs. My son was dressed as a dinosaur and my daughter was a fabulous little peacock.

Off the wagon I admired the smiling faces surrounding me. Kids were darting in every direction all looking for their ideal of "perfection". A medium sized, round pumpkin caught my eye. The stem was cut, but there were a few loose tendrils still holding on. I set my right foot ahead of me, grabbed with both hands and pulled with all my might.


I felt it down deep in my back. I couldn't move and my hearing started to go, my eyesight got fuzzy. I called for my husband to come quickly before I collapsed.

Only I didn't. I stood rooted to the spot, but unable to move. With two guys on either side of me, they helped me back to the wagon. I slumped there and had to watch the fun out in the field.

Back home I was flat on my back. I couldn't walk, I was in pain and so frustrating.

Over the next two days I slowly regained my strength and the ability to move. At first it was just in one direction, sitting up was painful and walking was hard. Slowly I regained the ability to bend some, then twisting and now I can finally lift small items and walk without support.

What does your back do? So many amazing things.

This week I don't have a weigh-in to share, even though our Graduate campaign begins today. I didn't finish my entire workout - Tae Bo was a little intense for my shaky core muscles. But each day I am getting stronger. Each day I will love the mobility I have, and work hard to build up the strength on my core.

I love my back and I plan to take better care of it so it can "have my back" for years to come!

*Update* Just wanted to add this week's scale pic:

I lost 1.6 lbs this past week!

GOAL: 175lbs  - Current 208.6lbs  = 33.6lbs to lose
        9/2                Current 204.8lbs = 29.9 lbs to lose
        9/9                Current 203.4lbs = 28.5 lbs to lose
        9/16              Current 202.6lbs = 27.6 lbs to lose
      10/15              Current 201.2lbs = 26.4 lbs to lose
      10/23              Current 199.6 lbs = 24.8 lbs to lose

Have you ever had a back injury? What is your favorite core exercise?

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