Sunday, October 28, 2012

Need Advice or Ideas for a Trip? Look to Gogobot.

Yes, with the dreary wet weather here in Oregon, I am ready to start planning our next family vacation. Due to my husband's work schedule we tend to take our big family trip in the Spring before things get busy around the farm.

Our yearly destination takes us up to the state of Washington for a water park, but this year I have decided to extend our usual trip to include a little jump up to Seattle.

Now, the last time I vacationed in Seattle I was 5.

Space Needle, Zoo... and...? Yeah, that is the extent of my memories of staying in Seattle. So I don't have a lot to go off of when planning a fun trip for my family.

Have you heard of Gogobot?

Not your typical "travel" site.

In fact, since I am a social person, this is the perfect site for me to do my trip research and planning. It is a social travel site started in 2010. Connect with your friends and other travelers to find the best spots to eat, stay and visit while in that city. You can even create your own poll to help you choose.

I know, there are tons of sites with rating systems and reviews, but this site is much more organic and interactive. It is like getting advice from all your friends on the perfect outfit, but in this case all things vacation related. I have friends in city and even some family nearby, so this is a great chance to see how their opinions all stack up. I might even have to create a poll for the best sushi spot.

So let's start with food. I know Seattle is just bursting with great places to find and food to try, so I selected 'Restaurants' from the top menu.

First I found the Umi Sake House which was recommended for sushi. I can scroll over the title and a box shows up on the map on the right. Very handy.  So, I could find a few more recommended sushi places and throw a poll together for my Seattle friends. I would love to see if they choose the Umi Sake House as their favorite sushi place also.

Then we need to find a place to stay. Yes, you can find information on Gogobot about hotels or vacation rentals. I will be traveling with 2 young children with special dietary needs, so I was especially interested in staying at the Pan Pacific Seattle. What caught my eye were the reviews on the great city views and a Whole Foods downstairs. Doesn't that sound perfect? A little walk from the Space Needle or downtown shopping, but I could pack our jogging stroller and get in an little workout as well.

Then I went over to 'Things to Do'. So many options! It is nice to find all the most recommended destinations all in one spot. As a Mom with small children the Seattle Aquarium caught my eye, and one Gogobot pro reviewer suggested seeing the aquarium, grabbing a bite to eat early and then checking out the new Ferris Wheel. Yes, I am sure my kids would love that!

The Pacific Science Center was another well reviewed attraction. My son loves science and the interactive exhibits would be the highlight of his trip.

Of course to really get into Gogobot, you should create a profile. It's easy, just sign up through Facebook, twitter or your email address. If you love to travel, like I do, you can put destinations in your site passport for your friends to see and enjoy. Travel, experience and tag with what you would tell your friends about the destination.

Gogobot allows you to tap into the knowledge of your friends when planning a trip anywhere. You can find like-minded travelers and inspiration for your next vacation, creating easy-to-use wishlists you can return to again and again.

And when you are not in vacation mode or planning a trip, you can discover hidden gems in your own neighborhood for entertaining guests or a weekend staycation.

The best part? Every page on Gogobot is personalized. You can see reviews from your friends and people you are following at the top, which allows you to weed out the noise and fraudulent reviews that become a problem on other review sites. Check out Gogobot today!

*Disclaimer - This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gogobot. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. When I was young we went to the aquarium, the warf, & a waterfall further north I think. I really should plan a trip to visit family there again. Thanks for the site recommendation.


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