Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pregnant for the 3rd Time Around - How Do I Get it All Done?

Yes, with two small children at home, I am so excited to be preparing for baby number 3, coming Summer of 2013.

I have to say, pregnancy is better suited for the young. Now, I had my first baby at 29, but that seemed so much easier than at 34. I am tired, achy  and sicker than a dog most days. Yes, this baby has made quite an impression on all of us already. I may just have to call her "pancake" because that has become the go-to meal around our house. -If you have small children, you know they don't mind pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thank goodness!

Though I plan to share updates as this pregnancy progresses, I am waiting till we have the first ultrasound after Thanksgiving. The office was booked tight leading up to the holiday season so I have to wait a bit longer to check to see if this pregnancy is on track. Of course, I am a "mature" mama at 34, so they hit me with all the increased dangers and statistics for complications. Nothing like starting out a beautiful new chapter with anxiety, right?

Exercise: So I had my last baby over 3 years ago. Much has changed in the world of baby gear and even the prenatal DVD selection has expanded. I have already started preparing and look forward to sharing what has me excited. Today I wanted to share the DVDs I have been using in addition to my regular exercise -when I have the energy, of course.

When I was pregnant with my son, the selection of prenatal DVDs was pretty small. I faithfully did my prenatal "yoga" DVD everyday, but I would really call it strengthening. It was more stretching and breathing. That was fine, but this time around I was thrilled to find several options that not only work on those topics, but also on retaining and building a strong core. Yes, several of the options are quite challenging. I hope to revisit each of these DVDs here over the next few months and give you my thoughts on each. None of these were sponsored, these are just DVDs I have added to my collection or recommended by friends.

I have dived right into the Knocked-Up Fitness Series so far, but am waiting till my energy level goes up to really start utilizing it.

Cravings this pregnancy? Japanese Food, pickles and protein so far.

Downside? Fighting massive fatigue with two small kids at home, being sick most days and falling behind on the housework.

Upside? My kids are excited and so interested in everything baby related right now. It is adorable!

I am due June 19th, but expect that date to change after my first ultrasound.

So, did you exercise while pregnant? What was your favorite way to stay active?

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