Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Headache and the Strong-Willed Child

For those of you have also have a strong-willed child, I feel you pain.

There are so many wonderful things about my son to celebrate, but his fierce will is not one. This week I solo parented as my husband went to a conference. The first night all was well and I thought our time together would be easy. We had crafts, popcorn for dessert, lots of cuddles and extra stories.

The second day started with more "No"s than anything else.

Then he stopped listening to me.

Then he told me what he was going to do. "No, I'm going to finish building first." he told me when I called him to dinner. I asked him to leave the cat alone and he claimed she wanted him to pet her.

Then began the 2-hour scream-a-thon at bedtime. My head has been throbbing for the past 2 days since.

Do you have a strong-willed child? I have read that I should give him more choices, freedom and responsibility, but as I have he has become even more stubborn and contrary. For a 5-year old there are still many things he can't do on his own and I feel like I have held my ground.

Of course, inside I crumble every time he acts out and yells.

I went as far as to put toys away and told him when he acted out, more toys would be removed. He was told he can earn them back, but it seems like we are still in the middle of this storm of his emotions. It seems like more of the week he is in a "mood" than not.

How do you deal with a strong-willed child? Any tricks or ideas to try?

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