Friday, January 4, 2013

Food - Bringing Back the Passion

With this pregnancy and blessing, came a cruel change.

My appetite just vanished as my waistline expanded. I didn't crave sweets or treats over the holidays. In fact, I didn't even do my usual baking. I did make our annual sugar cookies to decorate for Santa, but I didn't even bake all the cookies.


The good news is my weight  was easy to keep in check. I did find a few things that I enjoyed. Like the Yogurt Chicken Salad pictured above.

I didn't even finish up my posts for recipes like these delectable Swedish Meatballs because I had a hard time viewing and writing about the photos.

My poor Pinterest account was neglected. *sniff*

Luckily, this girl's appetite is back and I am itching to start baking and cooking up a storm! Watch out, because I am planning on bringing you some amazing recipes and fun food ideas. First up I am planning some sweet stuff.

So, what is your favorite treat? Cookies, cake or pie? Custard, pudding or mousse?

2013 is stacking up to be a great (and delicious!) year.
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